Why should you use a mobile event app for virtual and hybrid events?

mobile event app for virtual and hybrid events

Hosting virtual and hybrid events has gained popularity in recent years. While one can provide great flexibility to the attendees, the other is capable of providing all the benefits that are available to improve the ROI and is considered the best type of event. Using a mobile event app for virtual and hybrid events is a great addition that can provide some effective advantages and add great value to them. These apps are convenient and flexible and are capable of providing some great advantages such as wider reach, interaction, scalability, and more. These apps can also act as an event registration platform that can be used to manage the attendees and are suitable for keeping track of all the information.

In this blog, we will learn about how using a mobile event app is needed and suitable for virtual and hybrid events.


Using a hybrid or virtual event platform in the form of an app can provide great convenience and a user-friendly way for the attendees to access and navigate the events. They don’t have to navigate through multiple pages for each activity such as registration, ticketing, etc. over different websites. Using a mobile event app can provide attendees the benefit of accessing each and every event information on a single platform. This can include event schedules, speaker profiles, agendas, and interactive features.


Event apps are capable of providing personalization for your virtual and hybrid events. There are multiple features that can be used to customize the app according to your events that can reflect your brand. Moreover, these apps can also be used to personalize the attendee experience by providing them with personalized content, recommendations, engagement, offers, and more.


Using a mobile event app can help in providing great networking opportunities among the attendees for virtual and hybrid events. Most of these apps are equipped with features that can be used to facilitate networking. Such as attendee directories, instant messaging, video calling, and more, this allows the attendees to connect with each other and engage in valuable networking activities. No matter what their physical location is, they can be used to give them an enhanced experience.


Providing engagement opportunities to the attendees is necessary because virtual and hybrid events are hosted online. So providing the attendees with an engaging environment is necessary, using an application-based hybrid and virtual event platform can offer many great features. Such as polls, surveys, emoticons, Q&A, live chats, breakout sessions, etc. They can be used to provide the attendees with an engaging experience. Moreover, a mobile event app can be used as a marketing tool that can help engage the attendees, and with push notifications, you can easily grab their attention for the event.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is one of the most crucial things for every event organizer because this can help in hosting better future events. Due to this, using an event app can be beneficial for organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors. Since the app will also be working as an event ticketing platform, features like exhibitor directories, interactive floor plans, and lead generation forms can be available. Gathering this data can help the organizers and sponsors communicate with the attendees to generate leads. Even if they are not attending the event.

Data and Analytics

Using a mobile event app can help the organizers keep track of each and every event’s information and data. This includes attendee’s registration and ticketing details, number of attendees, session timings, payment information, engagement activities, and more. Allowing them to gain valuable insights about them and how they interact with the event. All this data and analytics can help in evaluating the event’s performance and how successful it was. This is a great advantage that can be achieved using an event app, as this information can be used to adjust and improve future events.


Virtual and hybrid event platforms integrated into an event app can be used as a marketing tool that can be used to promote the event and engage the attendee. These apps can provide some great features that can be used for marketing purposes, and most of these processes can be automated. It can help in sending out emails to the attendees and engaging them with the event information. Also, with push notifications, you can easily grab the attention of the attendees. Mobile event apps for virtual and hybrid events are a great way to market and promote the event throughout the duration of hosting.

Offline Access

One of the greatest features of using these apps is that they can provide offline accessibility to the attendees. Which makes it more convenient for them to access the information in case they have any connectivity issues. Since pre-recorded content can also be made available, the mobile event app allows the attendees to download to access this content without an internet connection. This can help in enhancing the attendee experience and creating a great impression on them.

Top Features of a Mobile Event App for Virtual and Hybrid Events

There are many great advantages and reasons for including these apps for your virtual and hybrid events. But in order to leverage them you need to look for the features that can help in hosting a successful event and gain all the benefits. The top features that should be available or included in the mobile event app are:

  • Should be capable of working like an event ticketing or event registration platform.
  • Event page for all the details that are related.
  • The mobile event app should allow the user to create a profile.
  • It should be able to facilitate recording live streams.
  • The platform should be integrated with payment options.
  • Social media integration capabilities should be available inside the hybrid or virtual event platform.
  • Capabilities of generating leads, reports, analytics, and data.
  • Interactive elements and features to enhance the experience.


Including a mobile event app for virtual and hybrid events is very much needed, this cost-effective solution can provide many great advantages that can be leveraged. They have become the most important aspect of these events because of their working efficiency and capabilities of streamlining the hosting experience. Using these apps can help improve the ROI of the event, but you need a suitable set of features and functionalities to leverage the app.

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