Where to buy LED Modules? An insight into LED Modules



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 An insight into LED Modules


LED (Light Emitting Diode) modules are solid state LED devices that are integrated into compact LED packages that are used in place of conventional light sources in nearly all lighting applications. LED modules contain the LED chipset, the driving electronics and control components as one package which can be easily installed in new or existing fixture and luminaire designs.


Benefits of Using LED Modules


LED Module Wholesale offer several benefits over traditional lighting:LED modules offer several benefits over traditional lighting:


Energy Efficiency


LEDs have an efficacy ratio of over 80% compared to other conventional light bulbs and consumes 50-80% less energy. This is efficient in the sense that it sparingly uses electricity.


Long Lifespan 


LEDs can last 35,000-50,000 hours which is much longer than the life of an incandescent bulb which is 1,000- 2,000 hours and much than CFLs which is 8000-10000 hours. This helps to also avoid very frequent bulb replacements.


Minimal Maintenance


LED lighting is a highly efficient and proven technology which are solid state devices, containing no filaments or moving parts. It leads to reduced costs of maintaining and replacing the worn out parts of the machine or equipment.


Design Flexibility 


LED modules come in different lumen outputs, beam angle, color temperature, and different sizes. This means that lighting designers can come up with excellent solutions in great flexibility.


Several online shops offer LED modules as follows:


Several considerations that buyers need to take into account when choosing a supplier of LED Modules are the product portfolio, flexibility, pricing, trustworthiness, and quality. Here are some good places to buy LED modules:Here are some good places to buy LED modules:


Online LED Stores


Reputable online LED stores like LEDSupply, SuperBrightLEDs, LEDLightExpert etc. offer:Reputable online LED stores like LEDSupply, SuperBrightLEDs, LEDLightExpert etc. offer: 


– High availability of LED modules in the offered range 

– The kinds of modules that are necessary, lumen output that is necessary, the beam angle and so on.

– Offer lower prices on large quantities of product to be sold to other businesses.

– Purchasing without physically going to supermarkets and other business stores.


LED Lighting Manufacturers


A large number of LED Fixture and lamp makers such as Cree, Philips, Osram, GE etc. supply LED modules either under their own brand or through original equipment manufacturing or OEM. Benefits include:


– Self-declared original LED modules performance ensured

– Customizable light output and design blocks 

– Designed to be installed in specific brand LED luminaires

– May come with warranty for the modules when incorporated in the company’s fixtures


Electronics Component Distributors 


LED modules are also sold by large electronics distributors like DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow etc. Pros include:LED modules are also sold by large electronics distributors like DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow etc. Pros include:


– Opportunity to buy different modules simultaneously with other electronics components

– You can get modules from more than one LED supplier  

– Technical specifications are to be offered to facilitate and simplify product choice.

– Suitable for small production volumes and used in prototyping.


 Where Can I Purchase LED Modules for a Few Cents Per Piece?


For those who desire the best lighting designers and the ordinary end users intending to purchase the LED modules at the lowest prices, one should order large quantities from Asian manufacturers and suppliers.


Overseas LED Module Suppliers


Alibaba, Made-in-China, GlobalSources and other websites list thousands of LED module makers based in China and East Asia offering:Alibaba, Made-in-China, GlobalSources and other websites list thousands of LED module makers based in China and East Asia offering:


Low Factory Prices

Most of the equipment and materials are bought directly from factories, thus achieving the lowest market price, high discount on large quantities, and may save up to 20-50% compared to branded modules. 


Custom Design Services

Most of the suppliers give options of ordering modules for specific applications developed with specific lumen output, voltage, beam angle etc.


Convenient Shipping Terms

Suppliers ship worldwide through air or sea and some suppliers are able to deliver same day, 2 days or next day. Measures taken during packing ensure that the products are well protected and that they do not get damaged during the transportation process.  


On the other hand, risks such as the quality of products are relatively lower, but the challenge of quality assurance is a little more demanding in terms of effort from the buyers when sourcing from unknown suppliers. Sourcing through an agent also has its advantages when it comes to importing since it minimizes the risks encountered.


LED Module Distributors


It is convenient to obtain standardized mass-produced LED modules from specialist importers & wholesale distributors from Asian countries at very reasonable rates. Benefits include:


– Perform certain functions such as quality check on goods, shipment, customs clearance etc. 

– Guarantee module performance through warranty support

– Ensure availability of warehousing services close to the target market to ensure fast delivery of products.

– Offer specialized services in the purchase of large quantities of merchandise.


This makes purchasing inexpensive, high quality LED modules at a bulk purchasing cost feasible for producers of lighting products.


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