LED Strip Lights for Sale: Compare Their Prices and Relative Costs



LED strip lights are perhaps one of the most popular trends in the consumer market for lighting fixtures in the past few years. They are versatile structures, fast and eye-popping modern structures that many people would love to own. However, with hundreds of LED strip light suppliers available in the market, how can a customer be sure that he is getting the product at the best price from the right supplier? Here is an outline of what this guide features.


What Are LED Strip Lights?


Components and Technology


LED strip lights are flexible, continuously long, and thin strips that are composed of circuit boards with minute LED bulbs along the length of the strip with the LEDs enclosed in plastic tubes. The lights are controlled through a circuit board and the power supply that converts AC current to low voltage DC current that the lights use.


Benefits and Use Cases  


LED strip lights offer numerous advantages:LED strip lights offer numerous advantages:


– **Energy saving** – LEDs are low energy devices, which use as much as 90% less power than that used by traditional incandescent bulbs.

– **Long lifespan** – LED strips they may last over 50,000 hours.  

– **Easy to install** – The ribbon design makes it possible to fit them almost anywhere due to their flexibility and slim form.

– **Good light quality**: Average CRI value, means that the light source gives off natural and bright light.

– **Smart Control** – Most of them can be linked to smart controls that control the brightness level.


Some of the most common examples of where LED lights are used include accent lighting, task lighting, and concealed lighting under cabinets, on walls, staircases, headboards, and other places.


What to Look for When Buying LED Strip Lights


Light Quality


Consider light color, brightness, and CRI rating:Consider light color, brightness, and CRI rating:


– **Color temperature** – The value of the color temperature is expressed in Kelvin (K). With the barcode number, lower is more yellow and higher is blue/white.

– **Lumens** – Brightness. Intensity of emitted light.

– **CRI** – Color discrimination or hue sensitivity on a relative index ranging from 0 to 100. Higher is better. 


LED Density 


If there are more LEDs packed into a specific foot, it indicates an increase in the level of brightness. When purchasing, it is recommended to go for the ones with 30-60 LEDs per meter. High density options are options that have 120 or more bags per meter.


Lifespan Ratings


Check expected lifespan. Typically, the duration ranges from 30,000 to 70,000 hours, with hindsight 50,000 hours plus utilized for more average usage.


Cuttable Sections  


Most can slice at intervals hence you can adjust the size according to your desire. Some of them mark where allowed.




Search for the following: UL, ETL, CE, RoHS, etc. It may sound a bit racy but it means safety, quality and safety compliance.  


Warranty Coverage


The warranty period is generally between 1 to 5 years. Make sure your usage is taken care of.


Waterproofing Rating


Strips that are meant for outdoor or wet locations should be of IP65 or IP67.

Where to Buy: Online Retailers vs Locally


You can buy LED strip lights from electrical and lighting stores, home improvement retailers, and online:You can buy LED strip lights from electrical and lighting stores, home improvement retailers, and online:




Buying LED strip lights online from LED Strip Lights suppliers can offer convenience and competitive pricing:Buying LED strip lights online can offer convenience and competitive pricing:


– **Wider selection**- Increased options of LED strip light brands and types.

– **Cheaper prices** – This is because many people have embraced online shops and get more sales at cheaper price. 

– **Ease** – Home delivery; clearer specs variation.


**Be on the look out for ‘occult’ charges or very high delivery charges which can make up for low list prices from some of the websites. ** Do not compromise with cheap LED strip lights, but always go for authentic prices only.


Local Stores  


There are a few advantages to buying locally:There are a few advantages to buying locally:


– **No shipping** – This eliminates the problem of delivery, and instead the buyer can pick their product from the store on the same day they made the purchase.

– **Purchase lights that are already on** – It is often possible to see lights operating in the store or on those specific models that are used during the demonstration.

– **Support local business** – So you won’t keep the money to yourself.


Yet, there are few options to choose from at local stores, and the prices offered are not as cheap as those found online. It is recommended to call ahead to ensure that bulbs are not so bright, determine lengths and accessories, such as power supplies, of the bulbs in the stores.


Top 3 Authentic LED Strip Light Vendors


We’ll compare pricing and products from three reputable LED strip light brands selling directly to consumers online:We’ll compare pricing and products from three reputable LED strip light brands selling directly to consumers online:




headquarters located in kaohsiung,.Factory located in Shiyan Town of GuangDong province , is mainly engaged in scientific research, production, technical support and service of light source product since 2014.

Our products range includes different kinds of energy saving lamps ,LED lamps,Eco halogen saver bulbs,Halogen bulbs ,led module,led strip and pixel light etc .All our lamps have a high reputation and hot market in Europe, North America, Australia, Middle East and other countries . Our factory have been ISO 9001,CE,RoHS,EMC certified.

We have strong R&D staffs and quality control team who are professional in the areas of lighting for many years.With guaranteed product quality, all items are tested using precision electronic instruments before packing and delivery to clients.

Dekingled is a China professional LED strip light manufacturer factory. flexible SMD Led strip lights, led aluminum profile, led linear lights, cabinet lights, and led downlights are our main products. Focus on Asia, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, and North America markets for more than 13 years.

Our led products have CE/ROHS certification for the European market and FCC/IC certification for the North American market. Listen to your request carefully, make the order according to your request, and service as important as the products.


Lighting EVER 


This lighting manufacturer sells direct-to-consumer under their [Lighting EVER](https:The major product line is the LED [an official website of the company is www. lightingever. com]. They supply LED strip lights as well as other home and business lighting services.



– This is why light LEDs manufacturers should consider specializing in LED lighting. 

– The components used in this product and LED’s

– The price differentiation based on outlets and selling formats

– Industry-high 5-year warranty



– Smaller product range 

– Minimum quantity discounts on volume price(s)


**Price example:** 5 meter reel of 60 LED per meter for $ 15. 99




[OXLALED](https:(see [www. oxlaled. com](http://www. oxlaled. com/)) is the only LED strip light manufacturing company in the world that deals with distribution directly to the consumer and this ensures that the price of its products remains low. They also sell strip light in custom made and they are involved in production of the same.



– It is effective to and only offer LED strips. 

– Highly flexible ribbons  

– Low cost leader  

– Custom fabrication abilities



– Newer company means that it was founded in 2020 or later, thus it does not have much experience in the market.

– The following were some of the findings I made: … The extent of available specs was also limited. 


**Price example:** $12. 95 for a 5 meter reel of 60 LED/m


As you can see from the prices displayed above, OXLALED offers the lowest prices in this list, but if you need brighter output strips, or want to purchase from a brand that has been around longer, consider HitLights or Lighting EVER. You should visit each site in order to look at the specs and prices of the sites that will suit you. Take advantage of this service and join the newsletter mailing lists for notifications of special offers including discount and coupon codes.


What Are Typical LED Strip Light Costs?


Pricing can vary widely depending on the number of LED diodes, whether it has the necessary official testing marks, voltage, connecting components, and the rigidity level, and additional features such as dimmers, remote controls and power supplies. The average cost of LED tape is $2-$3 per foot, but the most basic, low-cost LED tape is available for $1/foot and the premium LED tape costs $10+/foot. Although they may cost more initially, you should remember the long-term costs when you choose the light type and its installation site. Here are typical price ranges you can expect from reputable LED strip light manufacturers:Here are typical price ranges you can expect from reputable LED strip light manufacturers:


Basic LED Strip Lights


$2 -$ 4 per 16. 4 ft reel; 30- 60 LEDs per meter; No more extras.


Recommended for straightforward projects, such as under-cabinet illumination, furniture highlighting, and general use lighting.


Mid-Grade LED Strip Lights 


$4-$7 per 16 foot reel; 60+ LEDs per meter; Moderate brightness. 


Useful for even greater visibility on stairs/walkways, showcases, accent walls and under and over cupboard lighting where further light is desired. It is recommended to look for such aspects as, firstly, strengthened contact terminals, secondly, CRI higher than 80, thirdly, the UL mark in this range.


High-End LED Strip Lights


$8-$15 per 16ft reel; 90-180 LEDs per meter; A variety of special features


Bright, long life LED strips designed to offer high luminosity and increased protection against the environmental conditions for garden lighting, high ceiling lighting and commercial applications where quality of the strips is critical. All boast of flexible PCB boards, weatherproof silicone, powerful 3M adhesion and CRI and lumens to beat the competition.


When it comes to savings, the same principle of sticking with LED lighting proves to be a worthy practice because it is better to save money in the long run than to switch to other forms of lighting that are not as efficient as LED lighting. Based on the requirements of your project, decide on the amount of brightness you need, the locations where the lights will be installed, and whether any certifications needed to rule out some types of narrow strip lights.


Final Considerations on Purchasing LED Strip Lights  


Here are a few final tips when picking and buying LED strip lights:Here are a few final tips when picking and buying LED strip lights:


– Get a plan – Before rushing to buy strips, try measuring the area of the place and then identify the amount of lighting required.

– over connections – Confirm that the strips and the power supplies match.  

– Buy extras – it is beneficial to prepare 5-10% more footage in case there are some miscuts.

– Read reviews – The outcome and quality of the products that have been produced should be as per the customers’ expectations.

– Think beyond LED strips – Let’s include the installation costs like cabling, controllers, and any other hardware needed when considering LED strips.

– Sales cycles – In an average year, retailers have site-wide sale campaigns relating to holidays and alter their inventories depending on the season.


Taking time to consider over what you want out of your lighting and buying your LED strip lights from a reliable company will reap benefits as soon as the strips are placed. Today, you can get just about any specs you want and there are so many ways to buy an Apple product that it will leave you dizzy. But, by going through all the steps to get the correct fit for the lighting then you are sure of glowing and would use energy in the future.


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