How to create a perfect multi-generational home in Edinburgh?

As per statistics, “One-third of homes in the UK are multi-generational.” It equals 9 million homes. It allows more than one family generation to stay under the same roof. The concept is getting popular in the cities like Edinburgh because living together helps build bonds and allows for more family time.

A multi-generational home looks like a home with grandparents living with grandchildren and their parents. The best part about this home concept is each family generation can have a design as per their desire for space and privacy. It is the reason such homes have separate entrances, kitchens, and even living spaces.

What is a multi-generational home?

A multi-generational home is a household made up of 3 and more generations living together under a roof. It is typically ideal for 2-3 generations, including adults and children. If you are a grandparent, it includes your children and grandchildren. If you are a parent, it’s you, your partner, your children, and your parents.

For example:

The Davidsons live under one roof with their daughter and her grandchildren children in separate living spaces. Jacob Davidson lives upstairs with his wife and their daughter lives downstairs with her children. Jacob has a fair credit score and the house in his name. He has a mortgage in his name and pays the repayments while his daughter, Monica, manages utility bills – like water, gas, and electricity bills.

As a result of this financial arrangement, the pressure subsides. Monica feels relieved as the grandparents help her attend children from school and drop them off. Likewise, Monica helps Jacob and his wife with cooking while the older kids help their grandparents with tech issues.

What are some benefits of multi-generational homes?

Improved finances and financial security are among the most prime reasons people prefer multi-generational homes. Here are some other benefits of having a multi-generational home in Edinburgh:

  • Enhanced relationships
  • Improved care of toddlers and children
  • Improved mental and physical well-being of house inmates
  • Helps family members to achieve their life and career goals without obstacles
  • Personal spaces alongside family support
  • Children learn values

5 Best Ways to Create a multi-generational home

There is demand for 12500 multi-generational homes in Britain per year. One of the most popular reasons to here is – the challenges the young generation or first-time home buyers face while buying a home or getting a mortgage. Here are some ways to create a multi-generational home in Edinburgh:

Plan your requirements before attending designers

Designing a home that aligns with every person’s requirements is challenging. You can conduct a house meeting with family members to know the opinions of each one.

A detailed and well-thought brief help you identify the priorities and things they do not want in a home. For example, your daughter may prefer a soothing living room to a dining room. Always remember, the choices impact the budget and the home design.

Ensure separate living spaces for multi-generational living

It is helpful if you need a new place to build a multi-generational home. Ensure it by reviewing the best places to live in Edinburgh based on facilities, future home value, and transportation. Stockbridge, Polwarth, Marchmont, and New Town are popular spots in Edinburgh residential spaces for your multi-generational living room.

While designing separate living spaces for your family, consider your family’s preferences. Design each room as per one’s desires. Apart from that, you can include an in-law suite that involves:

  • A kitchen
  • A sitting or dining area
  • A barrier-free washroom and closet
  • Large windows for ventilation and light

You can also install a skylight in dark areas like the basement or loft. Consider a mobility-friendly setup for elderly beings. For this, you can have slopes as passages instead of stairs. You can opt for an elevator or lift if you have sufficient space.

Ensure a functional Kitchen

An efficient and designer kitchen complements the whole home structure. A well-functioning or open kitchen makes food preparation easier. It is when you prepare food for guests and family together. While designing one, you should be mindful of a few facts:

  • Include a work triangle between the refrigerator, sink, and cooktop in your kitchen design.
  • Choose a sizeable countertop for your kitchen. Ensure sufficient space if you work with other members in the kitchen. It should be far from suffocation.
  • Consider a second refrigerator in your kitchen to store dry items.
  • Ensure your kitchen is accessible from the dining area, common living area, and garage. No one likes to walk miles to grab a bite.
  • Choose the colour of the countertop, shelves, and backsplash wisely. You can either go for opposites or colour it all the same. Ask the expert to help you out.

Have an all-accessible floor setting

 Multi-generational living involves the best confluence of youngsters and aged individuals. While your children may be active, your parents require extra care and comfort. An open floor plan works best for wheelchairs and individuals with walkers.

You can have a main floor master bedroom for such individuals. It would help individuals with mobility issues to live comfortably for as long as they want.

Many households indeed lack the budget for elevators in the home. To counter this, the above plan may work ideally.

Analyse constructions requiring planning permission

The Permitted Development guidelines help individuals construct home spaces and separate landscaping or garden as per the parameters. If the home measurements fit within the allowed parameters, you can have your dream home without any worries. But if it does not, re-construct the building plan and take opinions once again.

For example, if you want a pool near your house premises but does not align with the legal parameters, you can either reduce the size or reconsider your decision.

It is important to consider every aspect, from opinions to Permitted development and mortgage. Yes, constructing a multi-generational home requires renovation, or if you want a new one, you would need sufficient cash back up. While selling the existing home may not be ideal in the UK market, you can mortgage it to construct another.

If you are clueless about approaching it, contact the best mortgage broker online for your requirements. He would not only help you know the current value of the existing property but use it in the most profitable way to build a new multi-generational space for your loved ones.

Bottom line

While you may have a multi-generational home setup to live together with your family, the expenses might increase. Analyse whether the setup is ideal for your or not by checking your and your family’s requirements. Ensure sufficient budget backup or analyse mortgage possibilities to rationalise your dream.

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