Perfectly Crispy Calamari Rings: A Step-by-Step Recipe Guide

Perfectly Crispy Calamari Rings

The temptation to try out the amazing calamari rings recipe is somehow common among people because everybody isn’t familiar with its recipe. To attain the best combo for this snack, add a little hot sauce to them. You will love the mouthwatering flavors the hot sauce creates with the calamari. This blog is all about the recipe and the addition of spicy seasoning to the food.

What are calamari rings?

Seafood is a different and unique kind of food. You have a great variety to explore, from the shrimps to the squids. The term calamari is something people might need to get introduced to. However, it belongs to the type of squids. The recipe to prepare them is so good that even the non-lovers of seafood would also agree they like its taste. Hence, no matter how much picky eater you are; still the calamari rings recipe will convince you to try this dish.

Initially, the seafood concept revolved around fish, lobsters, crabs, etc. With the discovery of calamari, the seafood section expanded. Hence, people come across a unique dish to try. The calamari starter is one of the most common names popping up on the menu cards of your favorite restaurants.

Usually, restaurants provide you with calamari with different types of hot sauces. One of those hot sauce brands is the Dingolay hot sauce. These spicy condiments add mixed flavors to the dish. For example, if you opt for the spiciest hot sauces like the scorpion sauce, it delivers a spicy taste. However, pairing along a fruits flavored hot sauce like the mango hot sauce would bring sweet and fiery flavors to the food. Whatsoever combination you choose, the hot sauces develop a great taste in the dish. It provides you with immense heat combined with a savory taste.

The step-by-step calamari rings recipe

Well, the recipe for the squids is very simple. You would be curious to learn how to cook calamari rings.calamari-rings The main step is to coat the calamari and then fry. The taste of this appetizer is all about making the crust of the rings crispy and crunchy. Soggy or soft calamari coating is what people usually don’t appreciate. Therefore, have a strong grip over the marination and coating. Secondly, make sure the calamari is soft and tender from the inside.

As you know, the original taste of the squid is tasteless and something you won’t like to try. So, make sure you add a great number of flavors to them. After marinating this squid with spicy condiments and coating it with cornstarch and corn flour, the calamari is ready to go in the pool of hot oil. Once the coating turns crisp golden, removing them from the frying pan is the optimum time. Drizzle the Dingolay hot sauce over them and enjoy the hot calamari. So, let’s now explore how the sauces came into existence.

The everlasting discovery of the hot sauce

Nowadays, food majorly composes of combinations of flavors. Hence, to explore further, this combo achieves by adding hot sauces. The recipes you explore have a great influence on these sauces. However, looking back at the time, you would be surprised! There was no sign of hot sauces or even spicy flavors. People relied on and consumed natural food like wild plants or whatever was available.

With time, they somehow came across a pungent-smelling plant which they called peppers. The peppers had a hot and spicy flavor. Those who tried adding it to their food were amazed to see the flavors it introduced to the food. Hence, Aztecs were more interested in creating hot, fiery flavored food. They begin their search for finding varieties in the plant. Eventually, they were able to collect a great variety.

Exploring the spicy favors in the peppers, they finally decided to experiment with something with the peppers. So, with different trials and experiments, they added peppers to the mixture of water and vinegar. Hence the mixture was like an explosion of flavors. They named the bottle of mixture a hot sauce. Later, the recipe for the hot sauce spread worldwide, and many manufacturers emerged. One of the best flavoring hot sauces is Dingolay hot sauce.


The calamari rings recipe is one of the most asked recipes for learning to make seafood. So during preparation, add the twist of hot sauce and enjoy the sizzling hot flavors.

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